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Creative Residency — poem


Here at the Super Duper, in a glass tankSupplied by a rill of cold fresh waterRunning down a glass washboard at one endAnd siphoned off at the other, and soPerpetually renewed, a herd of lobsterIs made available to the customerWho may choose whichever one he wantsTo carry home and drop into boiling waterAnd serve withContinue reading "Lobster"


I am a pomegranatedelicate and intricately madecomplicated, as everybody iswith countless countless seedsI am flesh and juiceI am thick exotic skinI am sensual and eroticI am frightenedfrightened of moving beyond my pomegranate-selffrightened of my pomegranate-thoughtsbeing untruefrightened of all of youfrightened of searching beyond my realmfrightened of the darker blue wherethe ocean gets deepI tried toContinue reading "Pomegranate"


Our legacy dwellsIn the hearts of those we touch.Did you leave a bruise?


Souk The soldiers are afraidof the camera. Are you shooting the souk?The photographer says No no, just her.I say Just me, just me.My black dress, a little above the knee, helps.A girl learns to spectacle enough.The soldier nods, lowers his head.The crew remind me to say Not from here, to say Half-half,to speak English, mostly.Everyone is alwaysContinue reading "Shisha"


passage through the wavefell back three red backs emergedclaws brushing the sand revise passage through the wavein time these three red emerged claws brushing the sand