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Creative Residency

To Travel D.C.’s Beltway Is to Sample the Flavors of the World

Try cheesy pupusas, fiery Korean-fried chicken wings, and aromatic jollof rice—all on one tank of gas.

I Tried to Repress My Identity to Save My Marriage. This Meal Was Our Breaking Point

I ate the fish sitting across from my then wife in Uganda, as we said goodbye to the life we shared.

To Make Better Mushrooms, Squish 'Em

Mushroom lovers, rejoice. Mushrooms skeptics, open your minds.

Spaghetti Squash That Fancies Itself Baked Ziti

Spaghetti squash sheds its reputation for being bland and watery in this baked ziti-inspired dish, in which it\'s smothered in flavorful tomato sauce and blanketed under a layer of melty cheese.

Lemon-Elderflower Pound Cake

Roasting strawberries is a great way to get that Valentine’s Day staple on your dessert menu, even with out-of-season berries.