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Phive Rivers understand the need of today’s generation and lays its emphasis on creating handbags which go well with every season and occasion. The designer for Phive Rivers is ‘Valentino Buffoni’ who believes an inner soul must enliven every object and continues to develop a lifelong passion for luxury leather handbags and accessories. His designs are ductile and diversified, plain and simple shapes combine with modern and assertive forms to create luxurious handcrafted leather accessories. The brand quotes that the designs of their luxury handbags are a mirror image of Valentino’s style and hence draws strong inspiration from his work.

What I like about Phive Rivers is that these handbags are mancrafted. Every piece is stitched by hand, in their own distinct style, with a delicate finesse that moulds separate pieces of leather together as one, giving that unique look. Also the best part is that it is only available online so you can go through the wide variety of handbags offered by them in varied alluring colors and exquisite designs.